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A graduate of SDSU, Mark spent 33 years in leadership roles managing teams for Home Depot and Sprouts Farmers Market. He was on the management team that opened the Home Depot in Santee. Later, Mark was Store Director at the Sprouts Farmers Market in Santee. He has lived and worked in his community for over 26 years. With all that retail management experience Mark was convinced (with a lot of encouragement from his wife Anne) it was time to go into business for himself.

It was in the summer of 2018, while enjoying lunch in a deli in Mammoth Lakes, that he and his wife Anne began discussing the idea of opening a franchise and leaving his corporate career behind.

After some extensive research Mark decided to explore the HobbyTown Franchise and scheduled a trip to the annual HobbyTown convention in Lincoln Nebraska. There, Mark, a consummate hobbyist, left Lincoln impressed with one thing on his mind. Mark knew he wanted to open a HobbyTown franchise. 

By March 1st, 2019 he was the proud owner of HobbyTown Santee and has loved every minute since. You can ask us any questions you want; you just need to get yourself here”. So he did.  There were over 600 vendors, manufacturers and suppliers to HobbyTown at the event. 

Mark went away impressed with their organization, and by March 1, 2019, he was the proud owner of his first HobbyTown Franchise and has loved every minute since.

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